Photo provided courtesy of Chuck Hulse
Jim Stoddard, Dave Sterling, Jill Wangsgard, Blake Gardener, Chuck Hulse
Photo provided courtesy of Chuck Hulse

Renton, Washington
1983 - 1988


Linda Day ~ Vocals
Blake Gardner ~ Guitar, Vocals
Chuck Hulse ~ Guitar
Les Hutchinson ~ Drums
Andrea Miller ~ Vocals
Terry Shelton ~ Drums (Great Whale)
Dave Sterling ~ Bass, Vocals
Jim Stoddard ~ Drums
Jill Wangsgard ~ Keyboards,Vocals
Mark Watson ~ Drums

Magazine was a cover band based loosely out of Renton around 1983.  I left in 1988 to work with David LaFlamme from "It's A Beautiful Day".  We played a lot at the Edgewater, Renton Sheraton (at the time), The Flame in Kirkland and the Crazy Lobster in Edmonds.  We seemed to have a parade of drummers and vocalist.

Chuck Hulse, March 2010, Nashville, TN

Photo provided courtesy of Chuck Hulse
Chuck Hulse, Andrea Miller, Dave Sterling, Jill Wangsgard, Mark Watson

Shelton & Hulse - Photo courtesy of Chuck Hulse
Terry Shelton and Chuck Hulse at the Executive Inn in Fife

Chuck Hulse in 2008

Linda 20 some years later - Image Courtesy of Linda Day

Linda and Daughter

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  VHF, The Great Whale, Krakatoa, Daze of the Week, Grotesque Mummies, The Crackers, The Remnants, Alive n Well, Prooof of Purchase, and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  21 July 2011
Credits:  Chuck Hulse, Linda Day, Andrea Miller
Band # 2632