Nitecrew- 2007 - Image courtesy of Jim Brammer
Seattle, Washington
1990 - Present


Virginia Ashby ~ Vocals
Jim Brammer ~ Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals
Tim "TC" Collier ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Jeff Wade ~ Drums


Steve Garris ~ Bass, Vocals
Scott Jansen ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jim Johnston ~ Bass
Larry Lehnertz ~ Guitar, Vocals

Steve Garris, Larry Lehnertz, Jeff Wade, Jim Brammer
Nitecrew 1990 - Photo Courtesy of Steve Garris

Steve Garris, Jim Brammer, Scott Jansen, Jeff Wade
Nitecrew 1992 - Photo Courtesy of Steve Garris

Nitecrew - Seattle
Image Shamelessly "Swiped" From the Nitecrew Website

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Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this act include: Baby Gunn, Jaugernaut , Morrison Street, Rio, Racer, Area 51, Jump, Newsboys, Fugitive and other NW bands.

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Band # 1552