Eric, Forrest, Jon, Mark, Aaron - 1990 - Photo Courtesy of Eric Burgeson
The Perones
Spokane, Washington
1989 - 2010


Aaron Boschee ~ Bass
Eric Burgeson ~ Guitar
Mark Pieroni ~ Drums
 Jon Pieroni ~ Vocals
Jimi Schlegel ~ Drums, Vocals
Forrest Wolfe ~ Keyboards

In Memory of

Jon Pieroni
 23 Mar 1956  -  8 Aug 2010

Mark Pieroni
d:  15 August5 2012

Eric, Mark, Aaron, Jon - New Years 2006
Photo by and courtesy of Chuck Burbank

For nearly two decades The Perones have been a mainstay of the Spokane area night club scene.  Perfoming nearly every weekend, they continue to please audiences with an extensive and versatile repertoire (and plenty of talent.)

Recently, upon completing a high-energy classic rock number at a local bar, the band was hailed by a young man in the crowd yelling out "Rock on old dudes!"  I guess that says it all.

Chuck Burbank, January 2007

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include: Cold Power, Shyanne, Hot Stuff, The Cads, Crown, Rendezvous and many other Northwest bands.

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Last Update:  20 August 2012
Credits:  Chuck Burbank, Eric Burgeson
 Band # 2111