Tacoma, Washington
1988 - Present


Neil Andersson ~ Guitar
Hal Brooks ~ Guitar, Vocals
David Cross ~ Drums
Jonathan Currington ~ Drums, Vocals
Jack Dolan ~ Bass, Vocals
Dave Harkness ~ Bass, Vocals
Mark Harkness ~ Guitar
Rick Heinzman ~ Drums, Vocals
Wade Reeves ~ Drums, Vocals
Rick Stickney ~ Guitar, Vocals

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Hal Brooks, Jonathan Currington III, Jack Dolan
First Lineup

Rick Heinzman, Jack Dolan, Rick Stickney
Second Lineup

Neil Andersson, Jack Dolan, Wade Reeves
Third Lineup

Dave Cross, Jack Dolan, Mark Harkness
Fourth Lineup

The first line-up, 1988: Hal Brooks (now residing and playing in Miami), Jonathan Currington III (whereabouts unknown),  and Jack Dolan.

Next line-up (dates unknown): Rick Stickney,  (g, v) (now residing in Bangkok, Thailand and playing there and environs, and Rick Heinzman (still living here and drumming with Jack in $5.00 Fine).

Then there was: Neil Andersson and Wade Reeves.

Spring 1992:  David Cross replaced Wade.

May 1993: Mark Harkness replaced Neil.

Along the way, former members replaced or filled in for current members from time to time and for varying periods.

Lastly, in October 2008 Dave Harkness replaced Jack who left to join a country band called $5.00 Fine.

The line-up has since been Mark Harkness, Dave Harkness and Dave Cross.

David Cross, December 2010

"Up Front Costs" - The Rockodiles
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Their Website
"Keepers" - The Rockodiles
Available from the Rockodiles at
Their Website

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include: The Bootmen, Ice, The Wailers, Pearl Django, Adam Wind, Tacoma Pops Band, The Solitudes, Bill Brown & the Kingbees, Quartet Deluxe, The Crackers, Daze of the Week, The Remnants, 5 Dollar Fine, Sage, Full Load, King Biscuit Entertainers, and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  13 February 2014
Credits:   David Cross, Jack Dolan, Mark Harkness
Band # 2802