Kentish Steele and The Shantelles
A Note from Brian Pulham

"The Shantelles" were conceived in the same mid 60's womb as Terry Jacks, Tom Northcott, The Chessmen, The Vancouver Playboys, The Spectres with Bruce Fairbairn, The Stags and a few other groups... in the Prince of Wales High School Band Room.  The newly constructed High School boasted an excellent Band and Orchestra program which drew students from the same neighbourhoods as the established schools with long standing Music Programmes like Kitsilano, Lord Byng, and Point Grey.

Prince of Wales High School also spawned legendary talent agency magnate Bruce Allen.  Bruce, then in Grade 10, said " Oh.....these guys should change their name, get some energy, and get a singer" to other wannabe rockers after hearing the first performance of the "The Mystics" in the High School Band room (Jim Patterson- Drums, Don Brown-Guitar, Gary Mate - Fender Rhodes - Piano, Brian Pulham - Bass) when they played a lugubrious rendition of the Wailers' " Sac O' Woe".  Talent Shows were another important component of the process and "The Mystics" were concocted to play at a lunchtime talent show.

Patterson and Pulham stuck with it, finding Brian Tansley's Alto saxophone voice from Point Grey High School and replacing Gary Mate with Brian Tingle's Baldwin Organ which didn't quite reproduce the fat Hammond Sound but was close enough to attract Kentish Steele to some practices in Pulham's basement.  About that same time, Don "do-it-yourself Brown" was replaced by Brian Tansley's cousin from Invermere, B.C., who was in town to try out going to University......Paul Dean...... who could play the most amazingly accurate renditions of "Pipeline" and "Walk Don't Run".  The band's repertoire expanded from "Wailers" and" Viceroys" covers to include James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Four Tops and Jazz Crusaders covers.  New Year's Eve, 1964 found "The Mystics" playing at the infamous "Penthouse" in downtown Vancouver for a whopping $50.00 ($10.00 each) to play from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM).

Another conversation between Patterson and Bruce Allen who were in the same home room class that year resulted in "The Mystics" being renamed "The Shantelles with Kentish Steele".  The upcoming PNE Battle of the Bands in the Summer of 1966, provided the incentive to add the horns.......Greensword, Gish, Meadows were added in the Spring to complete a punchy horn section... all arrangements courtesy of Brian Tansley who charted everything from "Night Train", "Every Beat of My Heart", to "I Got You".  Warren Clark joined the band in the Fall of 1966 to complete the horn section of 2 trumpets, two saxes, and a trombone.

Brian Pulham, November 2001

Photo Courtesy of Brian Pulham and Gary Greensword

Brian Tansley

Gary Greensword - 1972 in Naussau, Bahamas

Courtesy of Brian Pulham

Courtesy of Brian Pulham

Courtesy of Brian Pulham

The Shantelles - Photo Courtesy of Gary Greensword
The Shantelles - Photo Courtesy of Gary Greensword

Joni Moore Singting with Kentish Steele and The Shantelles - Norman B. Glass on Guitar - Courtesy of Janine Moore