Tommy Lapsanski, Jon Lewis, Linda Jo Burden, Doug Boe, and Jeff Paden
Ship of Fools
Seattle, Washington
1974 - 1979


Original Members of "Ship of Fools"

Linda Jo Burden ~ Bass, Vocals
Tom Lapsanski ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Joe Morgan ~ Drums, Vocals
Don Oster ~ Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals
Jeff Paden ~ Guitar, Vocals
Janelle Pederson  ~ Vocals


Keith Cowan

Later Members of "Ship of Fools"

Cathy Blewitt ~ Flute
Doug Boe ~ Guitar, Vocals
Kareem Dallover ~ Accordion
Alan Larson ~ Bass, Vocals
Jon Lewis ~ Drums, Vocals
Cravin Moorehead ~ Vocals, Tambourine

In Memory of

Alan Larson

Image courtesy of Don Oster, April 2013
First Lineup of Ship of Fools (Courtesy of Don Oster)

After rehearsing in Everett, WA at one of Joe Morgan's homes for five months, we started our tour in January of 1974.  We carried along a former sound system used by "Bighorn", so I was told by Joe Morgan who owned it (claimed to be a good friend of Fred Zeufeldt of "BigHorn").  It was awesome.  We toured via USA Entertainment out of Spokane, WA.

Our Manager was Keith Cowan (former Roadie for "Heart").  Our dance card was full from then on, we played months straight in Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon.

Two big highlights for me was performing three weeks at the "Inferno Club" in Portland, Oregon.  This is right before I left the band.  In the three weeks we performed there, we did a show with "Bachman -  Turner Overdrive", as well as one with "Lydia Pense and Cold Blood".  It was a real high.

The road life wasn't for me, so I left the group around the same time as Janelle Pederson.  I don't know what all happened regarding Joe Morgan.

Since then, I've had a prosperous career in Medicine.  Haven't given up music though.  In 1994, my partner and I released a self titled CD called "Techstures".   We formed Green Circle Recordings, and have been working on projects ever since.

Don Oster, April 2013

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Credits: Keith Craine, Ken Walters, Doug Boe, Roger Strosky, Linda Jo Burden, Don Oster
Band # 604