Slightly Smashed Pumpkins - Haulin' Hearse - Courtesy of Gary Hoskins
Slightly Smashed Pumpkins
Seattle, Washington
1996 - 2008



Chris Bueneman ~ Bass, Vocals
Gary Hoskins ~ Guitar, Vocals
Phil Van Liew ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bryan Michael Nelson ~ Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals


Chris Bueneman ~ Guitar, Vocals
John Eacrett ~ Bass
Gary Hoskins ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bryan Michael Nelson ~ Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Phil Van Liew ~ Guitar, Vocals

Re-United  2003

Chris Bueneman ~ Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Gary Hoskins ~ Bass, Vocals
Bryan Michael Nelson ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Vocal
Phil Van Liew ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mike Well ~ Drums


2004 - 2008

Gary Hoskins ~ Bass, Vocals
Jim Hyatt ~ Drums
Bryan Michael Nelson ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Many thanks to all guest musicians who made many outstanding charity Halloween parties rock.

This group was put together for fun.  “The Slightly Smashed Pumpkins”, consisted of employees of the No.#1 Country station in the northwest, KMPS AM/FM Seattle.

That's right, this group consisted of disc jockeys, producers & engineers, playing mainly classic rock. What can we say, they could really pack a house – that would be Bryan's house.

The first year saw guest vocalist Greg Thunder, of KMPS’s Greg Thunder & the Waking Crew.

Though most of these guys have moved on too different walks of life, they are re-uniting, for a Huge Halloween Bash (Oct. 2003) and who knows.

Gary Hoskins, May 2003

At the moment, The Slightly Smashed Pumpkins still resurrects every Halloween for fun.  Currently with orginal members Bryan Nelson & Gary Hoskins and for the past couple years on drums Jim Hyatt.  The Pumpkins - also resurrects other ghouls, to sit in with the band.

Gary Hoskins, October 2005

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: The Nadz, The Unknowns, and many other NW bands.

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Last Update: 13 September 2012
Credits: Gary Hoskins
Band # 1230