The Valentines
Vancouver, British Columbia
About 1960 ~ 1962


Irene Butler
Nancy Davis
Joy Findlay
Miki Shannon

The Valentines also backed up several groups for live performance and recordings, including Les Vogt (aka Les Vote) Jerry Doell, Earl King and Jake Doel.

Les Vogt, March 2001

Regarding one of the Valentines, Miki Shannon, she is now Miki Gardini.  Her last public appearance was two years ago as a member of the Utah Symphony Chorus, Keith Lockhart, Director.

Ed Gardini, December 2002

The Valentines - Miki (left) Nancy (middle) and Joy (right)  Photo taken at a rehearsal in 1961 at Evan Kemp's home.In 1960, a fourth member was added to the group (The Valentines).  Her name was Nancy Davis.   Nancy also recorded "The Sock" and "16 Senioritas" along with Irene, Miki and Joy.  Irene (who was Les Vogt's wife at the time) was pregnant and left shortly after the songs were recorded.  She did not return.  Nancy continued on with Joy and Miki to do live performances, were included in the Grey Cup Parade, did radio promos with the success of the record and stayed with the group until it broke up in 1962.

Nancy continued on to perform live shows with Vancouver pianist, Tom Baird.  Later, she joined the CBC Television show "Let's Go" as a regular, hosted by Red Robinson and Fred Latrimoulle.   Nancy taught "pop" singing in her studio in West Vancouver for 24 years while continuing to perform both locally, nationally and internationally.  Her poetry has received international acclaim and she was recently chosen as one of the top 100 poets of 2003 by the International Library of Poetry, based in the United States.

As a matter of trivia .... through the recent passing of Al Parker (who wrote "The Sock" and 16 Senioritas and who was also Joy's brother-in-law), Nancy, Joy and Les Vogt were able to meet again and renew their old friendships after 40 years.

If you are interested, Nancy has a website at ...   She can be reached by email at, if you would like to drop her a line.

Nancy Davis (aka Nancy Caljouw), June 2004

Nancy Davis, one of the singers for the Valentines, now has a novel out called "Seasons of Love "by Nancy J Davis.  The book is available on Google, Yahoo , Borders Books, Rosedog Publishing, Dorrance Publishing etc.

Her next two books are in the publishing process and should be available soon.

Nancy Caljouw, May 2011

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Recorded: "The Sock/16 Senoritas", Iona 1003, 1961, 45 rpm

Nancy's New Book

Resurrection of a Heinous Mind

Can be ordered through

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Credits: Les Vogt, Ed Nadorozny, Ed & Miki Gardini, Nancy Caljouw, Chris Wolfe

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