Seattle, Washington
1982 - 1990

The Eagertones

1) BONUS TRACK: Love Song 21
   second single from the album "Eager Tones"
2) Thursday
3) Hillside
4) Unstable Mind
5) Don’t Be Sad
6) Candle
7) Big House
8) Midway
9) Knockin' On Heaven's Door
10)Town Without Shame
11) BONUS TRACK: Ink & Needle Tattoo
    first single from the album "Eager Tones"
12) BONUS TRACK: It's Not The Way
    from the soundtrack "Movie In Your Face"

Bill Bradley: drums  Phil Georgas: lead guitar, vocals
Sean Onnery: bass, vocals Kevin Case: lead vocals, guitar

All songs Bradley/Onnery except #9 by Bob Dylan
Produced By: Phil Georgas
C 1986, 1987, 1990, 1991 P 2004

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Brian Rubenaker 206.443.5447
Business Manager/Advance Man

The Eagertones - History and Discography

The Seattle Times in a 1985 article called The Eagertones, "The fastest rock 'n'roll band, no doubt!" This was due to their lively and highly theatrical stage performances.  The Times went on to say, "This band is so eager that you sometimes think the musicians are going to explode with enthusiasm and energy."

Hailing from West Seattle The Eagertones jumped into 1982's Seattle music scene among such notable bands as The Heats, The Allies, and The Cowboys. Very soon "the 'tones", (as their rapidly expanding fan base called them), were headlining at all the big Seattle area rock clubs. Their fast paced dance-punk-thrash rock music combined with their wild on stage theatrics soon made them the number one draw in the state. There underage fans were renowned for lining up in the front windows of clubs trying to catch a glimpse of their heroes on stage.

At a time when the only local bands to be receiving commercial radio air play were Jimi Hendrix and Heart, The Eagertones were soon to join them. The first single, "In On The Action" was so well received that it lead to a follow-up 4 song EP entitled, "Rock Is What You Got". This mini-album lead to the Eagertones working with national acts such as, The Ramones, & The Romantics.

1987 saw the release of The 'tones first full length album, entitled, "Eager Tones" just as the Seattle music scene started to receive national acclaim.

The single "Love Song 21" also brought the band's first video to the world. It eventually rose as high as #3 in Germany. After a couple of national tours playing large clubs and theatres the 'Tones returned to Seattle to record, "The 2nd Album". After  laying down 8 new tracks of all original material, save for a very haunting rendition of Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door", The Eagertones decided they needed a break. Nine years of living on the road, frenzied recording sessions, and high amped shows had taken their toll.

Now The Eagertones are back! "We never broke-up," said lead guitarist Phil Georgas, who had been lending a hand in the Brandi Carlisle band for a few years "we've just each been pursuing separate projects." The here-to-for previously unreleased material will soon be hitting stores, and the 'Tones themselves will appear in a few limited engagements in LA, Seattle, and NY. Catch them-if you can!

The Eagertones are:

BILL BRADLEY: Drums, and one of the principal songwriters. He smiles a lot and blows bubbles with his bubble gum, all the while playing incredibly fast. Bill is the story-teller in the band and his songs reflect this. He's been known to rock beyond the Maximum Daily Requirement.

KEVIN CASE: Lead vocalist and guitar. His resonate voice and behind the scenes creative input adds a bit of polish to the 'Tones rough cut edges. On stage he is a sight to be-hold and has the perfect voice to convey the Eagertones own brand of rock 'n' roll.

SEAN ONNERY: Bassist and the other principal songwriter. He always tries to "hold down the fort under attack" that is the Eagertones, but always ends up joining in the mayhem. Some of his on-stage and off-stage follies are legend. Sean seems to contemplate a lot, often coming up with very esoteric and trivial ideas everyone else laughs at.

PHILIP GEORGAS: Lead guitar and vocalist,(producer/arranger/coffee-maker). It has often been said that Phil is "the only musician" in the Eagertones. Phil's jazz, big band, and classical background contributes to his unique sound. Listen to him burn...then ask him why he has masking tape all over his suit.


1. "In On The Action", single, 1983


3. "Ink & Needle Tattoo", single 1986.

4. EAGER TONES, album, 1987.

5. "Love Song 21", single, 1987.

6. MOVIE IN YOUR FACE, soundtrack, 1990.

7. THE 2nd ALBUM, album, 1991, (soon to be released).

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