Photo Courtesy of The Heaters
Photo Courtesy of The Heaters
The Heaters
aka:  The Heats
Seattle, Washington
1978 ~ 1983 & 1999 ~ Present


Ken Deans ~ Drums
Keith Lilly ~ Bass
Steve Pearson ~ Guitar
Don Short ~ Guitar
Wayne Clack ~ Bass
Rick Bourgoin ~ Drums


Alan Quinn ~ Roadie
Tony 'Toe Knee' Yadrick ~ Roadie

All the band members had vocal parts.  Prior to The Heaters (which came from the fact their rehearsal space had a space heater) Keith was in a band called Daily Planet; Ken was in Goliath, Steve was in The Moberlys and Tyson Riff, and Don (from Mercer Island) was also in a previous band.

After the breakup of The Heats...Ken became an event planner; Steve created the Rangehoods; Wayne went into Maurice and the Clichés; Don created Living at Large.  Keith eventually started The Elementaries.

The band has reunited.  The current lineup is Keith & Steve, guitar; Wayne, bass; and Ken on drums.  Wayne and Ken reside in California, which makes the gigs very special if you consider the scheduling conflicts and travel time.

Krys Lilly, March 2001

Ken and Steve also performed in Money

Leif Eddy Hynes (R.I.P.), April 2001

Flyer shamlessly swiped from The Heaters website (with permission).
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Credits: Krys Lilly, Leif Eddy Haynes, Lucette Pearson, Alan Quinn, Tony Yadrick

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