VHF 1985 - Craig Brandt, Loren Brandt, Jon Rasmussen, Colin Walter
Seattle, Washington
1982 ~ 1987


Craig Brandt ~ Drums, Bass, Vocals
Loren Brandt ~ Bass, Vocals
Linda Day ~ Vocals
Rick Fetters ~ Drums
Jon Rasmussen ~ Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Colin Walter ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mary West ~ Vocals
Ricardo Valenzuela ~ Guitar, Vocals

VHF, 1983 - Loren Brandt, Colin Walter, Craig Brandt, Jon Rasmussen

VHF was formed in Seattle in late 1982 by Craig Brandt and Jon Rasmussen. The original lineup consisted of Rasmussen on keyboards and guitar and Brandt on drums, with Craig’s brother Loren on bass and Colin Walter on lead guitar.

Gutting it out in the pre-grunge, skinny-tie Seattle original music scene from ’83 to ’86, the band morphed into a power-pop top-40 lounge act in 1986 by adding vocalist Linda Day, Ricardo Valenzuela on guitar, and Rick Fetters on drums (moving Craig Brandt to bass).

Several configurations worked around the founding mainstays of Rasmussen and Brandt until the whole project went permanently ‘off the air’ in 1987.

Original members Jon Rasmussen now works for an ad agency in Honolulu, Hawaii and Craig Brandt runs his own music production company, Rimshot Sound near Lynnwood, WA.

September 2001

VHF 1986 - Craig Brandt, Jon Rasmussen, Linda Day, Ricardo Valenzuela, Loren Brandt

Linda 20 some years later - Image Courtesy of Linda Day

Linda and Daughter

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented by members of VHF include:  Magazine, Captain Jack, Chain Reaction, and Madrigal

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Last Update:  11 July 2011
Credits: Craig Brandt, Loren Brandt, Jon Rasmussen, Linda Day
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