Portland, Oregon
1973 - 1977


Richard Ely ~ Guitar
Doug Kleiber ~ Drums
Joe Ierulli ~ Bass
Jon Pearson ~ Keyboards
Dan Taylor ~ Percussion, Vocals
Julie Wiley ~ Vocals

I was in a band in the Portland area .  The band was called Elysium, we formed in 1973.  Members came from the Midnight Son, and The American Spirit.

We started out playing Sock hops and weddings and stuff, then  played the Portland club circuit for 2 years... The Keyhole, The Inferno, Pub East, Jekyl and Hydes, Town Pump, Up the Down Staircase. etc etc etc.  We went on to tour Montana and Wyoming.

We were a top 40s show band,  The band broke up in 1977.   We still get together and Jam.  Some of the members have gone on to play in other bands.

Dan Taylor, July 2009

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Last Update:  3 May 2010
Credits:  Dan Taylor
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