Mike, Don, Bob, John, Glenn - 1962
The Invaders
Portland, Oregon
1958 - 1963


Robert "Bob" Holden ~ Drums
John Hubbird ~ Keyboards
Don McKinney ~ Tenor/Baritone Saxophone, Flute
Michael Patrick ~ Lead Guitar
Clif Waits ~  Alto Saxophone
Glenn Wright ~ Bass

Bruce Darke Russell III ~ Manager, Booking Agent

The original Portland Oregon band known as THE INVADERS was begun in 1958.

Michael "Mike" Patrick was the founder, and manager from it's beginning until the disbanding of the group in the fall of 1963.  During those 5 1/2 years the group performed throughout the Northwest with various members.  The above list includes those who were with the group the longest, and enjoyed the most success:

The final two years the group was together they formed an alliance with a local vocal group known as THE MONARAYS.  During that period these two groups played Rhythm and Blues, and Motown music.  They were the first of the "KISN Radio bands", and had a partnership with KISN promoting and playing concerts all over the station's listening area.  They traveled to and from their gigs in a vividly painted 1947 Cadillac Hearse as their bandwagon.  The group recorded one LP which is no longer available.

Bob Holden and Don McKinney later were integral members of the group known as Don and the Goodtimes.  Don McKinney was the lead vocalist in that group.

Many of the original INVADERS are still professionally involved with the music industry.  Bob Holden is teaching at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA.  Don McKinney is producing gospel music in Texas and Tennessee, and Clif Waits is teaching at Portland State University.

Michael Patrick, April 2009

Clif was Invaders with Bobby Holden and Don McKinney - both later of Don and the Goodtimes.  He played with Lanny Hunt and the Magestics as a side man.  Also played with Urel Thomas 60-62 during his senior year in high school.  Clif has played with pretty much all the jazz musicians here in Portland including Mel Brown, Thara Memory, Jeff Lorber, and Eric Funk.  Cliff started teaching at PCC in the early 80's and has been there ever since.  His rock career was short, jazz long, and teaching music longer still.

Maria T. Waits, March 2010

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Credits: Michael Patrick, Maria T. Waits, Bob Holden, Mike Patrick, Susan Patrick
Band # 2556