The TNTs - Courtesy of Don Underwood
The TNTs
Missoula, Montana
1964 - 1966


Bruce Wallwork ~ Bass, Vocals
Chuck Seitz ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Sonny King ~ Alto Saxophone
Steve Pike ~ Organ
Don Underwood ~ Drums

The TNTs - Photo Courtesy of Don Underwood
The TNTs - Photo Courtesy of Don Underwood

The TNTs - Frat party - Photo Courtesy of Don Underwood

Image courtesy of Dave Martens
The TNTs were the house band at the popular Candle Bar in Missoula, as well as performing for University of Montana campus functions and at parties in the area.   They were more professionally polished than many of the other "garage" bands in the area at that time.

Terry Hill, September 2011

Image courtesy of Terry Hill

 I live in Oregon now and was in Missoula in February and had a nice visit with Bruce Wallwork.  After leaving the TNT’s I had a 5 piece jazz and swing band called the Golden Standards, mostly played at the Elks Club, started a Trio and end up playing a Duo at the Silvertip lounge in Missoula with Gary Bowman.  I lost track of the other TNT band members except for Bruce Wallwork who still plays off and on in Missoula and owns the Wallwork Health Gym.  He had a very popular rock band called Smoke playing for many functions around Missoula after the TNT’s broke up.

Don Underwood, July 2015

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Credits:: Terry Hill, Dave Martens, Don Underwood
Band # 2901