The Andantes
Regina, Saskatchewan / Spokane, Washington
1967 - 1970


Bob Deutscher ~ Guitar, Vocals
Daryl Gutheil ~ Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals
Don Gutheil ~ Bass, Trumpet, Vocals
Don Young ~ Drums, Vocals

Watch The Andantes at the Fairhill Rock Festival - 1969

The "Andantes" a Canadian & US-based band played the Rathskeller's in Coeur D'Alene and Moscow, Idaho in 1969.  We had a "Great" time and even had Jose Feliciano sit in with us at the brand new Rathskeller's in Moscow, Idaho.

Bruce Allen came to see us play at Rathskeller's.  We broke the alltime sales record for "Kegs"of beer in a night at the Rat's.

Bob Deutscher bought a Gibson Firebird from Daryl Partlow guitarist for Jack Ely and the Kingsmen.

We also played a club in Spokane Washington called the "Canterbury Inn"

We booked through the Jeannie Carter agency in Spokane as well as Beacom and Assoc. in Minneapolis. 

Don Young Drummer in the "Andantes", 2013

In 1970 the Andantes played the opening of the new "Rathskellers" in Moscow, Idaho.  The place was packed;  Jose Feliciano and his percussionist dropped in to see us and asked to sit in ..... Needless to say the answer was yes.  He played bass on medley of James Brown tunes; our multi-talented bass player Don Gutheil switched to trumpet. The crowd went wild and kept asking for "Light My Fire" Jose finally relented and switched to guitar and did it. It was a memorable night. I recall Jose commenting to the crowd " This is the first time I've had to pay to play" evidently they charged him cover.  The manager came to the stage and offered him a refund.  Jose replied "No thanks, you need it worse than I do"

Don Young, January 2017

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Last Update:  29 March 2018
Credits: Don Young
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