Anzio Express
Snoqualmie, Washington
1968 - 1970


Scott Anderson ~ Vocals
Ray Briggs ~ Guitar
Deanne Dahlman ~ Vocals
Mike Dollinter ~ Drums
Lee Meredith ~ Bass
Al Turnbull ~ Lead Guitar

Anzio Express won a battle of the bands at the Enumclaw Fair in about 1970.  Emperor Smith, radio DJ for KJR, was there to present the trophy.

"Rusty Medal, December 2010

Yes, Anzio Express did win a battle of the bands at the Enumclaw Fair in about 1970.  They played mainstream Top 10 kind of stuff.  They were tight, but Top 10 bands just are not soulful.  Period.  It was all straight out of a box.

Our band also played that night, but that is irrelevant.  I was a 14-year old bass player.

In my opinion, the best band there that night was a band called "Male Owl".  This band played anything but Top 10.   I do not remember any of their songs, but what they did play was played with soul.   It was clear that they loved what they were doing.  They liked to play extended jams and that did NOT thrill the guy doing the judging, Emperor Smith from KJR.  They had a great guitar player.   He played an SG that I thought was awfully unique because of it had a really strange looking tremolo.  I now know that to be a '61 or '62 Les Paul Standard (Gibson SG).  It was easy to determine the year because of that unique tremolo bar.

Mike Hanson, September 2012

The group Anzio was a great short lived band.  Due to hard core management the band broke up.

We loved to perform and yes, we were top ten or forty what ever you want to call us.  We wanted to keep up with what was playing on the radio to stay in tune with the crowd. We did very well with that thought of mind.  It was a good time in life and I miss all of our group.

Ray Briggs, September 2013

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Last Update:  1 December 2014
Credits:  "Rusty Metal", Mike Hanson, Ray Briggs
Band # 2790