Band Transportation

Crosstown Bus - Photo Courtesy of Brian Hughes and Harley Casson
The Crosstown Bus

This small poster shows The the Crosstown Bus of Nelson , B.C. ( later Penticton) posing in front of their vehicle.  The picture was taken in an Alley in Vancouver.  The Nelson Daily News in about 1968 did a feature article on the Band.  The group moved from Nelson to Vancouver graduating from a High School Band to  something more... I think the front page article was titled "A Magical Mystery Tour"

Harley Cassan, Calgary, May 2009

The Epix - Portland Oregon
Photo Courtesy of Ron Fowler

Bounty Hunter and their van in about 1980

Grant and The Blueboys, Later Known as Grant's Blueboys

Paul Revere and The Raiders Bus

Mineral Water (71-72) Band Van

Dogwater - Montana - 1978 - 1981

The Family Dogs

Searchin' Soul Blues Band Bus - Photo courtesy of Keith Skelton
Searchin Soul Blues Band

Sparky and The Starfires - Seattle (1977-Present)