Walt, Gordy Sandi  Stu, and Ron
The Family Dogs
AKA:  Fabulous Dreamers
Vancouver, British Columbia
About 1967


Walt Kowal ~ Tambourine, Vocals
"Bono" Ron McRobbie ~ Bass
Gordy Walker ~ Guitar
Stu Wilson ~ Drums


Sandi McRobbie

In Memory of

Ron McRobbie (1945 - 2010)
Gordy Walker

The top picture was taken at the Harlem Nocturne in Vancouver B.C. The bass player is “Bono” Ron Mcrobbie (1945-2010) Gordy Walker, Walt Kowal, Stu Wilson, and the girl is Sandi McRobbie who was put in the picture to make people think there was a girl in the band.

Sandi McRobbie, August 2011

Bono playing at The Easter Be-In Vancouver.   His carved bass was later stolen

The Family Dogs Car -  Arriving at Edmonton

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Last Update:   7 October 2011
Credits::   Sandi McRobbie
Band # 2891