Blaze Brigade
Yakima - Selah, Washington
1985 - 1989


Mike Farr ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ron Garcia ~ Bass
Jack Leeper - Drums
Dan Little ~ Guitar, Vocals

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The Blaze Brigade played around Washington and Oregon from 1985 to 1989 and recorded at Creative Fire/Velvetone with Steve Fisk along with the Screaming Trees and other bands of that era.

We did get some radio play around the NW in 1987 and played with bands such as Faith No More and The Romantics.

The summer of 1985 Dan Little and Ronnie Garcia formerly of the band "The G-Spots" joined together with Mike Farr and Jack Leeper from the recently disbanded "Radio 9" to form The Blaze Brigade.  By the spring of 1986 the band was playing regularly every weekend and had a good set of original music.

They had started recording at Mike Walters studio in Yakima, making tapes for distribution but heard of a studio in Ellensburg where a new band called The Screaming Trees had recorded.  The band headed to Ellensburg later that year and recorded with producer Steve Fisk, recording 6 songs but only putting 4 on a 7" EP and distributing them through Budget Tapes and Records around the PNW.  Sales went well and in the fall of 1986, early 1987 local radio stations along with PNW college stations were playing the music. Through the record exposure the band was able to open for some national touring acts and played larger venue's and kept very busy. In late 1987 they headed back down to Ellensburg where they were to record 8 more songs and plans for a CD were in the works.  Near the end of the recording sessions Dan had let the band know he was planning to go back to school and quit playing to put all his time into studies.  This caused some bad feelings among some members and the release of the CD never did happen.

In early 1988 after Dan left, Mike took over playing guitar and continued singing and the band went on, scrapping most of the old songs and writing all new material.  The band stayed busy through 1988 and into early 1989 but burnout was hitting the guys and Jack had also gone back to school.  Practice became very rare and playing was becoming more work then fun.  In October 1989 the group played its last show on the Pepsi stage of the WA State Fair.  In the 4 years together the band recorded more than 60 original songs.

Jack Leeper, November 2010

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  The Navins , Radio 9, The G-Spots and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  20 November 2010
Credits:   Jack Leeper
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