Spirits of Blue Lightning
1969 - 1973


Pete Bargy ~ Guitar, Trombone, Vocals
Marty Bowen ~ Drums, Vocals
David Carlson ~ Saxophone, Guitar, Trumpet
"Clyde"  Marlin Driscoll ~ Bass, Vocals
Gene Hall ~ Hammond B3, Vocals

Marty, David, Pete, Clyde, Gene

We formed in 1969 while we were in high school and went on the road in 1971.   We went different ways in 1973.  We played mostly rock and R&B and had a couple of sets of original music.  We had the time of our lives and made money.

Marty still plays professionally.  David owns and runs a music store.  Pete still plays and jams with different people.

Pete Bargy, September 2004

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Last Update:   22 January 2012
Credits: Don Rogers, Max Waller, Pete Bargy
Band # 411