Larry, Lance, Rex & Gerald
1980 -1982 Version of Breezy
Everett, Washington
About 1973 - 1990


Gerald Aasen ~ Bass, Vocals
Lance Dennis ~ Drums, Vocals
Rex Hankins ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Larry McDowell ~ Lead Vocals, Keyboards

In Memory of

Larry McDowell

I was involved in the popular Snohomish county band, from the early seventies until 1990. The band's name was Breezy, which sounded soft rock, which is maybe what we were in the begining, but evolved into all sorts of genres, from hard rock to a top forty rock band, never changing the name for fear of losing some of our fan base.

Gerald Aasen, June 2009

This band s rocked in Snohomish County and North King County.

Lance Dennis, April 2011

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Last Update:  3 April 2011
Credits::  Lance Dennis, Gerald Aason
Band # 2845