Bellingham, Washington
1978 - 1980


Laura Aikens ~ Lead Vocals
Linda Tissue ~ Lead Vocals
Karl Welty ~ Bass, Synthesizer
Matt Whitmore ~ Drums
Dave Wilson ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Matt Whitmore

If you were on the campus of Western Washington University the years 1978-79, and either lived in Highland Hall or walked though around dinner time... you would have heard Britainy practicing in the dorms.  If you though it was loud outside, you should have been inside that cinderblock dorm room !

Britainy played covers by Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Yes, Foghat, Bad Company, Aerosmith, and numerous other bands getting airplay at the time. They played around the Whatcom County area, at the College itself for numerous dances and sanctioned events, but ruled on the party scene.  Xanadu by Rush was a crowd pleaser, as was Stairway to Heaven, and dozens of other songs most bands wouldn't touch. They had a multitude of guitars (solid bodies, acoustics, double necks) and synthesis.

Karl Welty, July 2002

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Last Update: 18 November 2011
Credits: Karl Welty
Band # 928