Dave Bergman, Jack George, Bob Ross, Dan West
Cabin Fever
Chewelah, Washington
1973 - 2007


Dave Bergman ~ Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals
Jack George ~ Guitar
Vinnie Maranto ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Randy Maurer ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Bob Ross ~ Bass, Vocals
Dan West ~ Drums, Vocals

In Memory of

Bob Ross (1995)

Cabin Fever - Photo by Bob Ross - Provided courtesy of Dan West
Jack George, Tommy Hohner, Dave Bergman and Dan West.  Photo by their bass player, Bob Ross - Courtesy of Dan West
Cabin Fever - 1972

The 1973 to 2007 band, Cabin Fever, featured Dan West, Bob Ross, Jack George, Dave Bergman, Vinnie Maranto and Randy Maurer.  Vinnie and Randy came later into the band with Vinnie performing with the band for nine years.  Randy performed with the band for three years.  Both Vinnie and Randy were very talented musicians in their own rights.

During the years 1977 to 1980, members changed around and for a period of time Bob Ross, Jack George and I played a three-piece 1950's music band for a while. That group played a lot of County Fairs:  Spokane,  Nez Pierce, Lincoln and Stevens.

Bob Ross,  Jack George and I played with a local country band every weekend for two years known as  "Patsy Lien & the New Country Generation".

Then also during that time period I went out playing drums for a two-piece accordian / drums band for a fellow named "Red Anderson".  We worked every VFW and American Legion hall from Spokane to Nelson BC,  three nights a week, every weekend for eight months.

In 2002,  I was hired to play drums and backup vocals for a series of show cases by a local musician / songwriter and played and recorded in his blues band "Brian Warhal and King Bee" for 1 1/2 years.

We all had a great run together from high school into our 50's.  We toured a lot for many years.  We had numerous "house gigs" that lasted for years: "The Sportsmans Taverns"  "The Hilltop Lounge", "The Swiss Chalet", and  "Deans Place".  We played all if not most every Night Club from Canada to Cashmere and from Montana to Oregon.  We did opening acts for legandary rock bands and not so legandary bands

We got back together again this past Spring for a memorial for a local musician we all knew and loved, Bill Wright ("Wright Brothers Band").  We pulled off a 45 minute set with no rehearsal after years of not playing.

Vinnie Maranto still plays in a local band.  Dave Bergman has his own band and still play occasionally.

Two of the original Four Teens members have passed:   Bob Ross (1995)  and Dan Tadlock (2011).  They have and will be greatly missed by all.

Dan West, October 2011


Cabin Fever at the 2003 Sun Fest - Clarkston

Audience at an Outdoor Fest with Cabin Fever - 1975

Dan West 

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