The Capers
Spokane, Washington
1964 - 1966


Bert Beatty ~ Bass
Frankie Deck ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dave Winslow ~ Keyboards
Tony Winslow ~ Percussion

In Memory of

Tony Winslow

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Who Are You Gonna Believe?

Get Squared Away

Don't Ask Me Why (V. Cavin / D. Winslow)

I Don't Know

I woke up this morning singing, "Don't Ask Me Why," a song Dave Winslow and I wrote 40 some years ago while attending EWU.  I had no idea I would be lucky enough to find it on this site.. .and am thrilled because I have no copies left. What a wonderful treat. Thanks!!!

Vicky Cavin, January 2010

Bert, David, Tony, Frankie
Tony Winslow passed away May 4, 2004 after a courageous battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

Tony was a founding member of The Capers, and the Northwest Rock and Roll Band, who toured the state for the Governors Council of the Arts in the early 1970's.  He also worked with groups such as The Kingsmen and Junior Cadillac before joining Dennis Roberts whom he worked with for many years.

Tony joined our band, Kracker for a short while before his illness forced him to retire. He was a talented guy who had a great sense of humor and was always fun to be around. He will be greatly missed.

Steve Samsel, May 2004

The Capers recorded four songs that had some airplay in the Northwest

-  First  -

Side A - Who Are You Gonna Believe
Side B - Get Squared Away (which actually turned out to be more popular)

    Both of these songs were written and produced by Ned Neltner, now with Jr. Cadillac

-  Second  -

Side A - Don't Ask Me Why, written by Vicki Murray and David Winslow
Side B - I Don't Know, written by Frankie Deck and Bert Beatty

Bert Beatty, July 2006

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Credits:  Gary Vredenburg, Bert Beatty, Steve Samsel, Vicky Cavin
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