The Chambermen
Spokane, Washington
Late 1960's


Lanny Beck ~ Guitar
John Conant ~ Drums
Don Hines ~ Guitar, Vocals
Steve Mauss ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Steve Myers ~ Keyboards
Jim Ryder ~ Guitar, Vocals
Pat Teague ~ Bass

In Memory of

John Conant
Don Hines (d:  Feb 2013)

The Chambermen consisted of Jim Ryder on rhythm guitar and vocals, Don Hines on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, John Conant on drums who is passed away suddenly this past year, Lanie Beck was the lead guitar.

The Chambermen were popular at high school dances. The Chambermen entered a battle of the bands in Spokane at the old Coliseum in the mid 60's. At the end it was a battle between the Escorts of Spokane and the Chambermen of Spokane.

The Chambermen were dressed in blue suits as this was their common stage garb. The escorts wore tights and long tail coats along the line of Paul Revere and the Raiders. The Chambermen won and claimed first prize which was a recording deal that included one 45 single.

They recorded Louie Go Home and shortly after they broke up. They were a high school band using the old JBL horn P.A. system. They all graduated from West Valley High School in the Spokane Valley and all went their separate ways after graduating.  I have no idea where the rest of the guys in the band are but I know they are all doing well.

Matt Hines, May 2007

I actually still have my 45 of Louie Go Home.  I also distinctly remember that Steve Myers (keyboards) and Steve Mauss (sax, vocals), both classmates of mine at University High (class of 68), were in the band.

Richard E.T. White, August 2008

The Chambermen wore the Paul Revere type outfits which fit nicely with the "Louie Go Home" Revere song they recorded.

Rick Straub February 2009

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Last Update:  5 July 2013
Credits:   Matt Hines, Richard White, Rick Straub, Ed & Kathie Vang, Marie Hines

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