The Champagnes - Photo courtesy of Linda Kuger
Linda McGarah, Alana Campbell and Carolyn Berner
The Champagnes
Kent, Washington
1963 - 1964


Carolyn Berner ~ Vocals
Alana Campbell ~ Vocals
Linda McGarah ~ Vocals

I was one of the original "Champagnes" the back-up singers for Nancy Claire and the Viceroys.  I finally found some pictures of those old, fun days.  The three girls, from left to right are Linda McGarah (me), Alana Campbell and Carolyn Berner.  We all attended Kent-Meridian High School, as did Nancy.  We started singing with the Viceroys in late 1963.  Alana Campbell had just graduated from high school in June 1963.   I was a senior and Carolyn a junior.

I left the group in the summer of '64 to go to college that fall.  I don't remember if they kept going or not.  It was quite a ride... a great memory.  I was lucky to have that experience.

Linda Kruger (McGarah), January 2009

The Champagnes - Photo courtesy of Linda Kuger

The Champagnes - Photo courtesy of Linda Kuger

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