Corky Ryan Trio
Seattle, Washington
1963 - 1964


Dave Krone ~ Guitar
Butch Nordel ~ Drums
Peter Rockas ~ Saxophone
Corky Ryan ~ Keyboards
Bob Turner ~ Guitar
Dan ? ~ Drums


In Memory of

Corky Ryan
D:  21 June 2001

Hi. My name is Dave Krone of the Artesians.   I use to play at St. Michael's with Corky Ryan. Our drummer's name was Dan, but I can't remember his last name.   We played there about '63 or '64. The place was happenin' and had good crowds on the weekend (only open on the weekend).  It was owned by a good guy named Walt and his new wife, Linda.

Corky had a good sound going in those days and we were able to pack St. Mike's every weekend.

When I came back to Seattle, I just lost track of him. But I enjoyed playing with him. I don't know how long St. Mike's was in operation. It was an 18 to 21 club. No Booze. I was also teaching guitar at Stan Boreson's store in Ballard in those days.

On another note, In about 1973 I was with a band called Suds West Issue... Good time rock and roll.  I played around Seattle and the outskirts.

 I look through the "in memory of" portion and see names I have played with a bit:  Dave Lewis, Corky Ryan, Lynn Ware, Mike Smith, Dicky Enfield, Joe Johansen, etc., and it is sad some of the "pioneers" of the Northwest Scene have departed.

I left to join a band from LA called the James Boys.  Our leader with the James Boys was Michael James, formerly of the Four Coins, who had a million seller out called Shangri-La.

It was a good time. I went on the road for a while and lost track of the guys.  I also sat in with Ron Holden at the Embers in Seattle a time or two.

Dave Krone, February 2006

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Last Update:  21 May 2006
Credits:  Dave Krone
Band # 1959