Doug and The Slugs
Corvallis, Oregon
1979 - 1981


Jory Aaronson ~ Mandolin, Vocals
Claus Almroth ~ Harp, Vocals
Linda Erwin ~ Washtub, Sandpaper Blocks
Rich Kuras ~ Washboard, Vocals
Doug Russell aka Parlando Rubato ~ Jug, Washtub, Kazoo, Sandpaper Blocks, Duck Call
Boris Tkacz ~ Guitar, Vocals


 Larry Edgar ~ Sound

We had our band Doug and the Slugs for over a year before I heard of the Vancouver, British Columbia band by the same name.

We were a jug band and had a great time. 

Doug Russell, April 2010

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Last Update:  2 January 2011
Credits:  Doug Russell
Band # 2810