Tacoma, Washington
1968 - 1970


Conrad Lambkin ~ Vocals
Randy Litch ~ Lead Guitar
Jim Maher ~ Guitar, Vocals
Debbie McCuen ~ Hammond B3
Tony Sauro ~ Bass
Todd Weed ~ Drums

Existence started in the summer of '68 and played school dances, teen clubs, "battle of the bands" and clubs at Fort Lewis and McChord until 1970.  Members were me (Debbie McCuen) on keyboards, Conrad Lambkin (lead singer), Randy Litch (lead guitar), Jim Maher (guitar/vocals), Tony Sauro (bass guitar), and Todd Weed (drums).  All of us grew up in the South Tacoma area.

After Conrad and Tony left, the rest of Existence became Paper Sunn.

Debbie McCuen, April 2011

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Last Update:  18 April 2017
Credits:  Debbie McCuen, Jim Maher
Band # 2804