Fat Back Cain
Burnaby, British Columbia
1972 - 1974


Freddy Caratenuto ~ Saxophone
Lou Crockett ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Paul Lucas ~ Guitar
Stu Milner ~ Bass
Bill Reiter ~ Vocals
Jim Ricki ~ Drums

Another group that I had in the the very early '70's was FAT BACK CAIN. We were the house band at the Wooden Barrel in Burnaby. The one and only Bill Reiter of radio, television and stage fame did the vocals, Paul Lucas was the guitarist, Jim Ricki on drums, Stu Milner on bass and Freddy Caratenuto on sax. We did a lot of standard blues and cover stuff of the period. We were the first band for the club and the house band for nearly 2 years. Jim Ricki's family owned the club at the time.

Lou Crockett, August 2004

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Credits:  Lou Crockett
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