Photo Courtesy of Danny Schauffler
Portland, Oregon
1976 - 1979


Nick Gefroh ~  Timbales
Dave Grafe ~ Bass
Mark Grafe ~ Flute
Larry Haggin ~ Guitar, Lead Vocals
Bobby Johnson ~  Guitar
Chris Kern ~ Steel Drums, Vibes
Lewis Livermore ~ Trumpet
Cato Lyles ~ Percussion
Al Nohlgren ~ Saxophone
Danny Schauffler ~ Saxophone, Flute
John Smith ~ Keyboards
Bobby Torres ~ Percussion
Tim Tubb ~ Trombone
Scotty Wardinsky ~ Congas, Timbales

Heather Grafe ~ Manager

Photo Courtesy of Danny Schauffler
Felicidades in 1977
John Smith, Chris Kern, Bobby Johnson, Danny Schauffler
Front Row;Dave Grafe, Wheatflower( dog) Larry Haggin, Hassan, Laurie Sammons, Bef Grafe

The progenitor band for Crazy 8s, and Nu Shooz was (and is) a group called Felicidades founded in 1976. This Rock-Reggae/Latin group consisted of Danny Schauffler, John Smith, Dave Grafe, and Lewis Livermore. They evolved into NU SHOOZ (1979) who went on to chart on Billboard Pop Charts at #3 with "I Can't Wait." Dave Grafe dates further back to the early 70s with bands like Foothill Diesel, and Skyriver, and later Joni Harms.

The Crazy 8s formed on the U of O Campus in about 1983. The 8s were selected, as a “novelty act” for Star Search, and scored 4 stars rivaling their opponents, Sawyer Brown. Danny Schauffler quit the NU SHOOZ, after recording “I Can’t Wait.” While the SHOOZ single was climbing the charts, the Crazy 8’s college hit “Johnny Q. Public” was getting broad rotation at college stations in New York, many states in between.  Getting gigs on campuses all over the U.S and Canada was no problem for the next decade. Quarterflash had put Portland on the map, in 1982, with “Harden My Heart.”

Marv and Rindi, would hire the horn sections from both the Crazy 8s, and NU SHOOZ for big events, like Neighbor Fair (in front of 300,000, fans, or the end of the Elton John tour at the Paramount. Lewis Livermore (of Nu Shooz) played trumpet on most the Crazy 8s albums. He now plays with Pepe and the Bottle Blonds. This horn section Lewis, Danny, and Tim Tubb is still together on reunion gigs, such as Felicidades summer show at the 2007 Oregon Country Fair, and Crazy 8s 20th anniversary. The Felicidades 30 year reunion was a milestone in Oregon Rock History. Now with 14 alumni, Felicidades comprised John Smith, Lewis Livermore, Dave Grafe, of NUSHOOZ, and Tim Tubb and Danny Schauffler of Crazy 8s, Bobby Johnson of Foothill Diesel and Skyriver, Bridge,+ and The Sinners. The musicians that make Felicidades click, Chris Kern on Steel Drums, Scotty Wardinski (professor at UCLA) on Congas, and Timbales, and Larry Haggin, lead vocals and guitar. Their “Garth Huddson” was Nick Gefroh, who played in the Portland Rock-Latin Jazz scene back into the 1960s. He taught them how to put the right Latin rhythm patterns together.

Dan Schauffler, December 2008

Photo Courtesy of Danny Schauffler
The Felicidades band became Nu Shooz and was nominated for best artist Grammy 1984 #3 hit on Billboard"I Can't Wait".  Indicated below are members in this photo who went on to play with Nu Shooz.

Front row left:  Danny Schauffler sax, flute (Nu Shooz) Dave Grafe bass (Nu Shooz)

2nd row: Chris Kern steel drums, vibes; Larry Haggin lead Vox guitar; Heather Grafe,  manager; Scotty Wardinsky (Nu Shooz), percussion;  John Smith,  piano (Nu Shooz);  Bobby Torres, percussion (played at Woodstock with Joe Cocker)

3rd row :  Cato Lyles,  percussion (Nu Shooz co-writer 'Make your Mind Up'); Lewis Livermoore, trumpet (Nu Shooz);
Al Nohlgren (Upepo 1975); Nick Geofro, drums;  Mark Grafe, flutes.

Danny Schauffler, July 2010

Photo Courtesy of Danny Schauffler

Photo Courtesy of Danny Schauffler

Photo Courtesy of Danny Schauffler
Felicidades - 2010 Woodburn Reunion
Includes Tim Tubb (trombone far right) of Crazy 8s and Danny Schauffler, sax (Crazy 8s)

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Credits:  Danny Schauffler, Dave Grafe
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