Roger, Bob, Chris, Teddy, Dennis
Front Page
Washington - Oregon - Colorado
About 1977


Chris Bryant ~ Vocals
Roger Bryant ~ Bass
Ernie Hernandez  ~ Drums
Ted Napoleon ~ Drums
Bob Ohsiek ~ Guitar
Dennis Pratt ~  Keyboards

In Memory of

Ted Napoleon

Drummer Ted Napoleon joined the Boulder, CO band ZEPHYR around 1978 and later died.  That version of Zephyr tried, but was unable to get a record deal.

Dave Monahan, October 2008

Ernie Hernandez is playing today in East LA at a reunion of many of his neighborhood original Chicano Rock groups of the '60s era.  Man, I'd be there if it wasn't so far away from me here in Monterey. It's gotta be fun!  You know they'll all play 'Louie, Louie' again!   Ernie is the little guy in back in the Mark & the Escorts pic....1964.   They were called "Thee Biggest Little Band in East L.A." at the time.

Bob Ohsiek, March 2011

Roger and Chris still sing and play with Front Page in Arizona.  Dennis Pratt is still musical director for Mel Tillis Enterprises and playing with other notables around Branson, and Guitar Bob plays weekly in Monterey, California.

Bob Ohsiek, June 2015

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Last Update:  3 June 2015
Credits:  Bob Ohsiek, Dave Monahan, Dennis Pratt
Band # 1649