The Gents in 1964 - Image Courtesy of Jim Starkey
John, Jerry, Ric, Barry, Jim
The Gents in 1964 - With their 1955 Chev Band Truck
The Gents
West Seattle, Washington
1963 - 1969


Barry Anderton ~ Electric Piano, Organ
Ric Anderton ~ Drums
John Arnsten ~ Bass
Pat Beug ~ Guitar
Jerry Carter ~ Guitar
Jim Starkey ~ Saxophone, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

The Gents in 1965 - Image Courtesy of Jim Starkey
Barry, John, Jim, Jerry and  Ric - 1965

We had a band, The Gents, from 1963 to 1969.  We were from the West Seattle area and played on gigs with such bands as The Enchanters, The Notations, and the early Dynamics just to name a few.

Jim Starkey, 3 September 2007

Jerry, John and I later ventured out after 1969 and played in a band that was called (don't laugh) Peter Puget and the Sounds."   It is too long of a story there to explain that one.  The drummer there was Mike Gearhart.  Later in 1970, that band became Souled Out. Shortly thereafter, I was listening to the Marine Corp Hymn - oorah!

Jim Starkey, 4 September 2007

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