Springfield, Oregon
1962 - 1964


Randy Bryson ~ Lead Guitar
Gary Cowles ~ Drums
Joe Warnick ~ Bass
Mike ? ~ Rhythm Guitar

From 1962-1964 I led a band called the "Gringos" out of Springfield High School.  This was a "Ventures" and surf music band (the only vocals were "Louie Louie" and "Tell Me What I Say").  We were Gary Cowles, Joe Warnick, Mike and Randy Bryson.

We played at the "Teen Canteen" in Springfield at the Memorial Building on Friday nights, high school events, and some Eugene gigs - high schools mostly.  In the summer of 1964 I was contacted by some guys who had seen me in that band and that led to the Moguls, which I originally joined as a guitarist - and which was called "The Centurians" at the time.

Randy Bryson, February 2008

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Last Update:  2 September 2010
Credits:  Randy Bryson
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