J. Andrew 'Andy' Carr, Fred Taylor, Craig Schroeder, Craig Lawrence, Larry Turner
Jazz Dance
Seattle, Washington
1977 - 1983


Andy Carr ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Don Dieterich ~ Drums
Randy Doak ~ Drums
Craig Lawrence ~ Tenor, Alto, and Soproano Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet
Craig Schroeder ~ Trumpet, Fluegelhorn, Vocals
Robert Shangrow ~ Bass
Fred Taylor ~ Drums, Percussion
Larry Turner ~ Bass

Jazz Dance was a jazz group started by Craig Schroeder and Andy Carr in the late 70s.

With Larry Turner, Craig Lawrence, and drummer Randy Doak, the band started to become well-known in the
Pioneer Square area.  Jazz Dance was immensely popular in places like the Merchant's Café, the Pioneer Square Tavern, and Doc Maynard's.

Drummer Fred Taylor joined the band in late 1979 and left in 1983.  There is a demo that was done in Fred's 4-track studio that is on his web page, and some live tracks that will be posted there soon.

Andy Carr is active as musical director of the Blue Street Voices.

Craig Schroeder lives in Granite Falls and is partially retired.

Craig Lawrence is very active as a teacher and leader of the Craig Lawrence Band.

Robert Shangrow lives in Seattle.

Larry Turner was, at last hearing, a crusie-boat musical director operating out of Florida.

Randy Doak and Don Dietrich are still actively playing in Seattle.

Fred Taylor, June 2014

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Last Update:  16 June 2014
Credits:  Fred Taylor, Craig Schroeder

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