The Juveniles
AKA:  The Express
Portland, Oregon - Norman, Oklahoma
1962 ~ 1969 / 1987 ~ Present


Don Anderson ~
Larry Berglan ~ Bass, Vocals
Charles Burroughs ~
Rex Caughron ~ Keyboards
Dennis Gulley ~ Bass, Vocals
Dennis Maxwell ~ Guitar
Jerry McCoy ~ Slide Guitar
Kim Morrison ~ Vocals
Johnny Neel ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Mike O'Neil ~ Drums, Vocals

The Juveniles started out in Norman, Oklahoma and relocated to Portland, Oregon around 1964.  They were later known as The Express.  The band recorded for Jerry Dennon's labels.

"The Juveniles", recently announced their new album entitled, 'Never Got Out of 1968', has been released.

The Juveniles had not played as a group since 1987 when the graduating class of 1962 asked them to play one more time for their 25 year reunion. It was suggested at the time, they return to the studio. Ten years later, they did.

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Last Update:   23 April 2015
Credits: Darryl Riffero,, Mike O'Neil, Larry Berglan, Dennis Maxwell, Randy Felton
Band # 233