Little Magnets
Seattle, Washington
1978 - 1979


Steve Clark ~ Synthesizer
Dave Demetre ~ Guitar
Dave Fisher ~ Farfisa
Paul Hood ~ Bass, Vocals
Lee Lumsden ~ Drums

After the Enemy's second tour to San Francisco, I decided to leave that band and formed the Little Magnets with Lee Lumsden, and Dave Demetre, guitarist extraordinaire.  We were joined on-stage by Steve Clark on synth, and Dave Fisher on Farfisa. We were sort of a Roxy-Music, Ultavox, XTC influenced pop bad and only played a handful of gigs before Lee, Dave and I went to San Francisco in the late Spring of 79. The band never played in San Francisco, Lumsden came back to Seattle to form Celestial Pygmies here in Seattle, and later the Owls.  Dave left San Francisco later in '79.

It was late 79 also when I joined the Toiling Midgets, and we played with Public Image Ltd. About a year later.  We released our first LP in early 82 with help from  Rough Trade US Records.  There is a short Seattle history on the Midgets page at

Paul Hood, September 2002

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Last Update: 28 September 2002
Credits:  Paul Hood
Band # 983