The Lower Depth
Salem, Oregon
1966 - 1968

August 2006

Here is what they look like now!
June 2006, Rick, John & Chuck - Photo courtesy of Chuck Coe
Rick, John & Chuck
  Photo taken 40 Years Later!   June 22, 2006
I shall never forget happened just before their participation in a "battle of the bands", a first for their band. The boys had to have new outfits, they had picked out a pattern and material and the Moms  graciously donated their time to sew the outfits. They were beautiful; white velvet knickers, white velvet jackets with big black velvet buttons and black lace. The outfits were flashy and filled the bill. They were so proud of them.  At their last rehearsal before the battle, one of the boys decided to see what they looked like using a black light.  The boys changed into their new outfits and plugged the black light in and began to do their "thing".  Those of us who were witnessing this debut, began to laugh hysterically. The poor boys had no idea that the black light served as an x-ray and went right on through the outfits. All you could see was "Fruit of the Loom" dancing. The black light idea promptly got discarded. If I can remember correctly, they won that battle, without usage of the black light!

Anonymous Contributor , December 2005

"LOWER DEPTH" reunites after almost 40 years!!!!!

 A bonus photo of Chuck when he had hair and it wasn't grey yet ('92)

On Saturday Aug. 19th, 2006, all 4 original founding members of "LOWER DEPTH" ('66-'68) reunite to perform on stage together again.  John Baxter on the Hammond organ, piano and vocals, Chuck Coe on Bass guitar, Rick Mehlhoff on percussion's & vocals, Collin Stringer  on Drums & vocals.

John organized and arranged a private party named "BAXSTOCK 2006" held at the beautiful outdoor setting of Duck Pond Vineyards just south of Salem, OR.  Rumor has it that all 4 of the "old boys" will be going into seclusion for a year to rekindle their talents for more shows later on! Stay tuned!

Photo's from Baxstock 2006...

Lower Depth 2006 - Photos Courtesy of Chuck Coe

Lower Depth 2006 - Photos Courtesy of Chuck Coe

Lower Depth 2006 - Photos Courtesy of Chuck Coe

Lawe - Photos by Scott Ingalls
Collin Stringer & John Baxter
At Baxstock 2006, the old band was approached by Daniel Dunbar (former manager of LAWE  --  John Baxter & Collin Stringer).  Daniel Dunbar is now a contributing editor of the new soon to be released "RESTLESS POPULACE" publication (formally known as the "I-5 Entertainment Guide") told "LOWER DEPTH" that they would be featured on the cover page of the new "RESTLESS POPULACE" publication due out Oct 15, 2006.

A special THANKS must go out to the folks at RESTLESS POPULACE:
Ivon Young - Senior Editor/Graphic Artist
Sheryl Shields - Published Writer
Daniel Dunbar - Contributor
Eric Lindsey - Contributor

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