From top right: John, Mick, Bob, Steven and Paul
Music Box
Portland, Oregon
1967 - 1970's


Mick Austin ~ Vocals
Bob Claycamp ~ Bass, Vocals
Steven Crockett ~ Drums
John Dalrymple ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Paul Stanton ~ Guitar, Vocals

After a couple of years, our manager, Bud Garrison, wanted to freshen up the group a bit. He had a lead guitar player (Paul Stanton) and keyboard player (John Dalrymple) in mind from a group called The Southmen that would make the group go to the next level. It was difficult letting go of Ron and Charlie, because they were good musicians and good friends. But we took our managers advice, joined with these other fellows and became THE MUSIC BOX.

We began traveling all over the Northwest part of the country on weekends. Two of us were now in our Junior year of High School, the drummer was a Senior, and the two other guys were in college at the University of Portland.  Because our manager worked for Sunn, we became loaded with state-of-the-art amplifiers and sound systems.

Our manager got us in to a very unique opportunity to be a part of a televised battle of the bands on the local CBS station in Portland. That was in the spring of 1968. We won! The grand prize was a trip to Hollywood and an audition with Capitol Records. So off we went to California.

We had spent considerable time in the recording studio putting together a demo tape of songs we had written over the past year. The engineer at Capitol Records wanted to re-record one of those songs.

Although we never were signed by Capitol Records, it gave validation to the Music Box as one of the up and coming rock bands.

We continued playing venues around the Northwest, being warmup band for various well-known rock groups.

Bob Claycamp, July 2007

The newpaper article on the winning of Battle of the Beat, sending us to Hollywood.

The one side of the demo disk is WHAT PRICE LOVE; the second side is FREE THINKER.

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Last Update:  9 July 2007
Credits:    Bob Claycamp
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