Natural Gas Company
Portland, Oregon
1964 - ?


Signe Anderson ~ Vocals
Quentin Anderson ~ Trombone
Brailey Brown ~ Baritone Saxophone
Kurt Deutscher ~ Drums
Larry Dunlap ~ Keyboards (60's & 70's)
Howard Gatley ~ Trumpet
Fred Hard ~ Bass
Bob Hutchins ~ Alto Saxophone
Marilyn Hutchins, vocals
John Jensen ~ Trumpet
John Laws ~ Drums
Lee Reinmiller ~ Trombone
Carl Smith ~ Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Carlee Smith ~ Vocals

Others ?

"The Natural Gas Co. is a twelve piece band created by Carl Smith over 30 years ago on the premise that the highest level of jazz musicianship could be implemented to provide great dance music as it did in the big band era and through all of the following decades."

Carl Smith and the Natural Gas Co. Website, March 2010

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Last Update: 28 February 2011
Credits: Dale Turnbull, Carl Smith, Carl Smith and the Natural Gas Co. Website, Larry Dunlap, Tom Anderson
Band # 1888