Nikola Tesla at UPS in 1979 - Photo Courtesy of Brian Bell
Nikola Tesla
aka: "Nik Tesla"
aka "Tesla"
Tacoma, Washington
1979 - Present


1979 -1980

Brian Bell ~ Guitar, Violin, Vocals
Pete Grignon ~ Bass, Vocals
Dave Hill ~ Lead Vocals, Guitar
Drew Pilant ~ Drums, Vocals

Others  During 1980 -1983

Dina Gallagher ~ Vocals
Tera Gallagher ~ Vocals
Matt Long ~ Drums
Deena Peters ~ Vocals
Dave Schoke ~ Drums
Douglas Waterbury ~ Drums

New Members from 1999 - Present

Gary Guzman ~ Drums
Kelly Hill ~ Vocals
Jennifer ~ Vocals

Nik Tesla Early Promo photo - Courtesy of Brian Bell

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Places we circuited: The Haven (house band), The Falstaff, The Brick, The Ski, Diggers Tavern, The Stompin' Ground, The Yukon Mining Co., Nifty Nanny's Non Noisy Nightery, UPS (fieldhouse, frats/sororities) & various halls and private parties.

We reformed in 1999 with a new drummer & the other 3/4 of the original members, and are still playing the odd gig.

Brian Bell, August 2003

Nik Tesla at the New Yorker, Tacoma - Image Courtesy of Brian Bell

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Last Update: 29 January 2014
Credits:  Brian Bell, Dave Hill
Band # 1326