Image courtesy of Lester Iwana
Nine Lives
Seattle, Washington
1970 - 1972
2008 - Present


Steve “Puggy” Aspiras ~ Percussion, Baritone Saxophone (2008-present)
Leonard Berman ~ Guitar,Vocals
Gerald Gibson ~ Alto and Tenor Saxophone (1972)
Calvin Harada ~ Vocals
Lester Iwana ~ Trumpet
Art Kano ~ Bass
Merwin Kato ~ Drums
Ken Kubota ~ Organ, Keyboards, Alto and Tenor Saxophone
Zen Maekawa ~ Tenor Saxophone
Bruce Miyahara ~ Trombone
Paul Mori ~ Trumpet
Chris Shimada ~ Vocals (2008 - Present)
Bobby Simons ~ Congas, Vocals (1972)
Jeff Terada ~ Tenor Saxophone (2008 - Present)
Marcus Tsutakawa ~ Bass (1970-1971)

The Nine Lives has a reunion band (2008 - present) with original members and also includes new members.

Leonard Berman, Guitar, Vocals
Calvin Harada, Vocals
Merwin Kato, Drums
Ken Kubota, Keyboards, Tenor Sax
Paul Mori, Trumpet
Lester Iwana, Trumpet
Marcus Tsutakawa, Bass
Art Kano, Bass
Jeff Terada ~ Tenor Saxophone (2008 - Present)
Chris Shimada ~ Vocals (2008 - Present)

We held our reunion Gig #2:  May 30th, NVC Foundation at Seattle Buddhist Church

 Ken Kubota, April 2009

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Last Update:  6 June 2009
Credits:  Ken Kubota. Lester Iwana

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