Seattle, Washington
1962 - Present
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Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of the Nitemates include Redline, Queen Anne's Wing, The Bishops, and the Christopher Gross Ensemble.

Mike McElhoe, October 2002

The Nitemates evolved into Taxi in the late- 60's and Redline in the mid-80's.

Mike McElhoe, December 2002

Update: The Nitemates rocked the West Seattle HS Class of ’65 40th reunion, Aug 6th, 2005 along with my good friends Kent Morrill and Buck Ormsby of the Fabulous Wailers.  It was a great party of 225 classmates and spouses.  The Nitemates have played the 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40th WS class of ’65 Reunions, and look forward to many more. A special thanks to Tim Coleman, the newest Nitemate, and formerly of the Bishops and Nomads for his great contribution.

Mike McElhoe, October 2005

The Nitemates played for their annual reunion in Gig Harbor on June 7, 2008, and a Whidbey Island event on  August 2.  Nitemates Mike
McElhoe, plus Marc & Chris Gross performed with the Kingsmen at the Fairmount Hotel in Seattle July 23, 2007.

Mike McElhoe, August 2008

Nitemates will play an office party outdoor event Aug. 5th, 2010 in Port Orchard and for the WS class of 1965's 45th Reunion at SeaFair on Saturday, Aug. 7th, 2010.

Mike McElhoe, July 2010

The Nitemates rocked the West Seattle High School Class of 1965's 45th Reunion at SeaFair in Seattle on Aug, 7, 2010 with 200 classmates, spouses, and friends.  We “tuned up” with an office party gig in Port Orchard three days earlier.

It was so great to see band members from Arizona, California, and around the state of Washington as well!

Participating band members included:

Chris Gross/Vocals & guitar
Marc Gross/Vocals & bass
Doug Bryan/Vocals, guitar, trumpet
Dick Meyer/Vocals, guitar
Tim Coleman/Guitar
Bob Hamer/keys, percussion
Dick Seymour/Drums
Mike McElhoe/Vocals, guitar, bass, keys
Rich Lohrman/Congas, percussion

Mike McElhoe, September 2010

The Nitemates - Article Courtesy of Tim Coleman

The Nitemates and the Wailers together on stage in 2005 - Courtesy of Tim Coleman

The Nitemates at the Seafair Hydro Race in Seattle - July 2008
Photo by MaryAnne Moeller