Fragile - Photo Courtesy of Stan Tate
Frank, Don

Bremerton, Washington
1974 - 1975


John Russ ~ Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Frank Arceo ~ Guitar, Vocals
Don Seelow ~ Harp, Percussion, Vocals, Lights, Sound
Stan Tate ~ Drums
Mike Weir ~ Bass

I was a drummer in a band in 1974 - 1975 called Not Fragile.  We played at Perl's. The opening band, Omega, had come all the way from Port Townsend, I believe.

We had a great time.  Entrance was only $1.75 per person to get in.  We were in it for the people... not the money.  I think we walked away with about 10 dollars each that night.

Stan Tate, September 2011

I was the rhythm guitar player and front man/lead singer for the band Fragile from 1974 to 1975.  We were all teenagers back then.  I was 18.  Our live concert on January 10, 1975, at Perl’s Pavilion in Bremerton, WA was the BEST time we ever had.  We packed the house to full capacity.  Back then it was unusual for a start up band to charge more than a $1 a head, but we stuck to the $1.75…and didn't see the money.  We learned a good lesson… always have someone representing the band at the door, taking a head count and charging the establishment accordingly.

We played cover tunes from the times back then, opening with Not Fragile by Bachman-Turner Overdrive.  We also played songs written by myself and collaborated with the band members, which may never be heard again.  We used strobe lights on our lead guitar player, Frank Arceo, that evening while his hand was running up and down his guitar neck, at lighting speed.  His martial arts is definitely an asset.  I performed an impromptu cartwheel with the cord still in my guitar (back then wireless was just coming out).  Thanks to Don Seelow, my playing never ended.  By the end of the evening, Don Seelow, whispered in my ear to break his guitar on stage as a finale.  I not only broke the guitar (which took 3 swings against the stage edge), but with unplanned perfect timing, I hit one of the electrical receptacles in the front of the stage steps and shutdown the power.  The reaction from the crowd was intoxicating.

At one point, after playing with each band member, I turned around to the crowd and no one was sitting or dancing…it was just a sea of people flowing up and down with their hands in the air.  At that point, the money meant nothing.  It was all about our audience and fans.  WHAT A RUSH…!

John Russ, Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
11 September 2011 (9/11)

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Last Update:   11 September 2011
Credits::  Stan Tate, John Russ
Band # 2893