Pietertje Prospect - Photo Courtesy of Aaron Grady
Pat Grady, Darrel Potter, Mike Sunitch, Jeff Harvold
Pietertje Prospect
Seattle, Washington


Pat Grady ~ ?
Jeff Harvold ~ ?
Darrel Potter ~ ?
Mike Sunitch ~ ?

In Memory of

Jeff Harvold
Mike Sunitch

The members were Pat Grady, Daryl Potter, Jeff Harvold, and Mike Sunitch.  They played on the East Side.  Their name comes from the world renowned cow from Carnation Farms. I think my dad still has the shirt they wore in that picture you have.

Awesome work on featuring all of those cool old bands. Maybe in a few years my band will be on some website.

Tom Grady, November 2003

Image courtesy of Darrel Potter
Darrel, Jeff
Pat, Mike

Image courtesy of Darrel Potter
Jeff, Darrel, Pat, Mike
Webmaster's note:  It took almost three years to get more information on this band.  Perseverance pays off.  Shoot, I thought Pietertje was a Swedish word.

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Last Update:  18 May 2011
Credits: Tom Grady, Aaron Grady, Darrel Potter
Band # 298