Dirty Dan and The Pirates
Vancouver, Washington


Ronnie Bobbitt ~ Guitar
Dan Lowther* ~ Bass
Mike Raynor ~ Organ
Steve Schaefer ~ Drums

In Memory of

Michael Raynor

Dan Lowther
17 Aug 1947 - 25 Oct 2013

*Dan Lowther was reported in some media as KIA in Vietnam.  His name does not appear on any casualty lists.  Does anyone have any information regarding this?  Contact the "Web Slave" if you do.

I knew Dan Lowther well.  I was playing in a club in Vancouver, WA 1972 and Dan came in to hear our band and say hi.  We talked about his flying tactical helicopters in Vietnam.  Based on that I would say he is still possibly alive or at least not killed in Vietnam.

Dave Raynor, May 2007

Dan Lowther is my older brother.  He did serve in Viet Nam, but I’m happy to report that he is very much alive and practicing law at his own law firm in Solana Beach, California (San Diego area).  He has been located in the San Diego area for about 30 years.  He still loves music and likes to reminisce about the days of being in a rock ‘n roll band.

Rosie Buhrmester, July 2007

There were two other member; Ronnie Bobbitt on guitar and Steve Schaefer on drums, both of whom are alive and well.  Ron lives in Beaverton and manages an apartment complex.   Steve lives in the Centralia area.

"peepeenose", November 2008

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Credits:   Sam Triplett, Dave Raynor, Rosie Buhmester, "PeePeeNose"
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