The Rock Pile
Raymond, Washington
1965 - 1969


 Jerry Carlson "Goose" ~ Bass, Vocals
Bob Hudnall ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Pete Jones ~ Vocals
Alan Leford ~ Lead Guitar
Mick Miller ~ Drums
Jeff Nevitt ~ Organ

The Rock Pile was formed in the early sixties and played throughout Eastern and Western, and South Western Washington.  We played at High School dances after basket ball and foot ball games even homecoming.  We also played anywhere we could draw a crowd.  We probably would play for free just because it was so much fun on stage.

In the picture you see Mick Miller sitting on a piling at the far back worried because the tide was coming in. He played the drums like nobody could and put his heart and soul in each beat.

Next to Mick at the far left was Pete Jones.  He was the Vocal and pretty boy of the group who got all the chicks.  The rest of us got left overs.

To the far right was Jeff Nevitt who played a mean organ and was the quite one.  After all his father was a music teacher at our local High School and we practiced in the basement but had to stop every time his dad had a pupil over to practice.

Goose Carlson (Jerry Carlson) is in the middle, he played the bass so hard he often blew out his amp. He got his name because he was 6' tall and had a 2 foot neck but his personality would draw you to him and he also sang backup

Sitting on the rocks on the left with the long hair was Alan Ledford who was the lead guitarist. He played so fast you couldn't see his fingers move.  Alan I were the wild boys and got into lots of trouble.

Sitting next to Alan was me (with the cool shades), Bob Hudnall.  I played rhythm guitar and sang backup.  They said I could never stand still when playing but I say the music was in my soul.   Still today I find my self moving to a song I like we played all the favorite sixties songs, some 250 of them, although we never got through the list because of the time as we played from 9 to 12.  Back then, 12 was curfew time, but once during a private graduation party that lasted until 3 in the morning, we did manage to play about 200 of the songs.  My fingers had so many blisters on them and I pulled them off and kept on playing.

I still play the guitar but it is a twelve string and only play for my wife and sons.

Like the saying goes " if you can remember the sixties, you weren't there" and I do have trouble remembering places, songs and party's we played... dang drugs.  I sure miss playing on the stage in front of a live audience.  We all had to give up the music when we got married and had to get jobs that would support our families

Bob Hudnall, June 2009

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Credits:  Bob Hudnall
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