aka:  Highroad
Vancouver, British Columbia
1978 - 1983


Casey Boynton ~ Drums, Vocals
Ted Boynton ~ Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
Guy Hemphill ~ Bass, Vocals
Damon Karjala ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Neil Nicholson ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Although we did not "officially" play south of the 49th parallel, we were very well known throughout the Greater Vancouver area, and into Whatcom County

A band born on the Sand Dunes in the light of Bon Fire, originally performing as HIGHROAD, they thrilled audiences throughout BC with their hard edged "Psychedelic/Country Metal" sound.

Best known for a thundering beat, screaming guitars, & five-part harmonies that rivaled the Eagles.

Poised to take on America, signed to a tour through the California & the Southern states,

The band suddenly broke up, due to personality conflicts.  An attempt was made to continue with tours through eastern Canada, but the band eventually faded away.

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