Slow Buck photo courtesy of Linda Jiler-Adler
Michael, Ed, Tom, Lee, Chris and Robert
Slow Buck at Murphy's Tavern, Eugene, OR - 1977
Eugene, Oregon
Late 1970's


Robert Adler "Bongo"  ~ Drums
Ed Gunther "Jo Mama" ~ Saxophone, Flute
Lee Jones "Barefoot LeRoy" ~  Bass, Vocals
Michael Kane "Citizen Kane" ~ Fiddle
Chris Lewis "Lighting" ~ Guitar
Tom Sobieski "Spider" ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Robert Adler
Tom Sobieski

In August 2009, Michael Kane returned to Eugene for the first time since leaving in 1978 and was reunited with former bandmates, Ed Gunther, Bob Adler and Chris Lewis.  Lee Jones plans to come out from Maryland to join his bandmates for a second reunion in Eugene during the Summer of 2010.

On Oct. 17, 2009 my husband Bob Adler (drummer, Turkey Run, Slow Buck, Country Al & His Pals, Los Lonely Shots) & myself, hosted a reunion of Oregon & Washington musicians from the 1970s in honor of our good friend Tommy Smith of Seattle, WA.  Tommy is in poor health and he wanted to get together with old friends while he could still travel.  It turned out to be a major reunion of many different bands!   All egos were checked at the door, & once everyone started playing it was like no time had passed.  Many of these musicians had not performed with each other in over 35 years (& some not at all).  There was no sheet music, no rehearsals, just pure fun & talent.  It was a minor miracle that so many musicians were able to show up on the same date at the same place!!!  Of the over 60 plus people attending, there were no more than 10 people that were not musicians.  A second reunion in July or August this year is being contemplated.

Linda Juler-Adler, March 2010

Drawings by Michael Kane

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Credits: Bob Alder, Old Leadfoot, Linda Jiler-Adler
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