Snickers - Photo Courtesy of James Hurley
Spokane/Pullman, Washington
1969 - 1974


Geoff Hunt ~ Guitar
James Hurley ~ Bass
Steve Lindeman ~ Guitar
Art Nicklaus ~ Drums

James Hurley - 1970
James Hurley in a recording studio - 1970

Today James fronts a blues group and runs stages in the Northwest.
We were all WSU students playing frat and sorority parties, and clubs like the Down Under in Pullman as well as Ratskellars in Moscow Idaho.  A highlight every spring was playing on the Lake Cour d'Lane cruises, and the WSU Outing Clubs spring break ski trip. Snickers was an evolution of a 1971 band called Sunlight, playing pretty much covers and dance music, and with the typical dreams of maybe making it big one day.  Big ego's and a general lack of talent prevented that from happening however!

Art Nicklaus, January 2005

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James Hurley, Art Nicklaus
Band # 1205